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Старый 12.02.2017, 09:22
low $xx
Регистрация: 28.11.2016
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По умолчанию What kind of site runs should be used?

What runs in the complex and who is now overdue order

is welcomed, dear friends!
I've got about 40 Russian-language content sites
all domains from 2 to 7 years old
I would like them vzbadrit external factors
Capacity TIC and PR are not interested in (selling links do not do), but as a consequence it should be.
Exhaust must be in the form of traffic growth positions in search well, can some passages from the places where the fasting reference

guide me on the right path and advise progonschikov please:
The first thing that I do check to see if the site in Yandex banned if banned then drive probably does not make sense?
If ACS does not leave it there?

Want consistently at all sites to order several kinds of runs

"Run is a substitution referrer in the transition from your website to the sites of the base. Thus, in the statistics of those sites appear Transitions from your site, and curious webmasters and visitors to link in order to see how was the transition. Many of these references is open to indexing, so in addition to the visitors you get the reference mass growth. "
Such a run I want to see one
Run 1 million sites - 15 WMZ - the norms of the price?

Here are some details in Enterprise security manager video from Advids.
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