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По умолчанию Lululemon: Yoga expert

In Canada, girls are more willing to use the money she saved to buy a Lululemon pants. Canadian businessman Dennis Wilson designed Lululemon yoga clothes close, comfortable and exhaust , known as " Canada's first professional sports brand ."

lululemon outlet known as " Canada's first professional sports brand" , in North America, it is the people to yoga , fitness and other sports apparel choice. In China , many people are willing to save money to buy a LV or GUCCI bag ; But in Canada, girls are more willing to use the money she saved to buy a Lululemon pants.

Market research firm ThinkEquity Partners data show , Lululemon 's "hardcore fans" would spend $ 92 to buy a brand sweatpants . Nike sweat pants for about $ 60, Under Armour 's products , but also $ 70 . Has numerous loyal " fans" Lululemon also organizes numerous free yoga, Pula Ti and SALSA dance exercises classes, universal health campaign ideas and methods.

" It is currently the fastest growing companies ." Credit Suisse Group senior analyst Paulsaid. lululemon salewarehouse currently has 86 stores in the world . This year, the company plans to open 31 new U.S. stores , bringing the total to 69 stores , and in the next few years will increase the number of stores to 300 over the globe .

In 1998, Canadian businessman Dennis Wilson attended a yoga class . But he found that most participants were wearing cotton blended fabrics made ​​of polyester sportswear, this garment is neither close nor too perspiration . Thus, Wilson produced a black female yoga pants, the pants textile materials used in both breathable and fit. Soon, Wilson founded Lululemon in Vancouver company, the company opened a small design studios, retail stores and yoga training hall.

At first, Wilson personally responsible for the design , manufacture clothes , and make improvements based on where the person practicing yoga feedback . So far, he remains as the company's chief designer.

Because close to the customer , the company set up soon , in Vancouver acclaimed locally . Soon , Lululemon began to expand to other cities. " And local experts together is the key to Lululemon yoga winning ." Lululemon CEO of ChristineDay said.

According to Kristen Daijie Shao , before entering a new city shop , lululemon canada will first local yoga instructor and trainer or other fitness classes contact . Lululemon provide one year of free coaching for these clothes , while the latter served as Lululemon 's " ambassador ," they not only in front of students wearing Lululemon clothing, and is responsible for providing feedback on the design aspects of the company . In addition, they can also consignment Lululemon, and give buyers some prizes : for example, offers free yoga classes , these activities sponsored by Lululemon , place it in an ordinary apartment or loft .

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