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По умолчанию Yellow lines outside junction box - worth an appeal?

Got a PCN from Merton Council for stopping in a yellow junction box. Sneaky from the council, camera installed quietly a few weeks ago, junction is at turning off a main road which nobody uses, as clear an example of a motorist trap as possible. Because I feel ripped off I decided to look at the regulations to see if I can appeal.

The markings at a box junction must follow a prescribed layout, which are referred to in the relevant legislation (Traffic Signs Regulations 2002) as figures 1043 & 1044. These diagrams clearly show the markings of the junction box must extend all the way to the kerb - here is a picture;

The junction box I was caught in does not extend all the way to the kerb, there are double yellow lines, just before and just after the turn off from the main road, so part of the box is enclosed by double yellow lines on one side. Here is a photo from another site of yellow lines around a box which they claim make fines 'unenforceable' -

There is also a case where a Parking Adjudicator ruled in favour of a motorist who appealed on this basis; Case 2100203420 - LBHF lost on appeal because the adjudicator ruled that "In this case the motorist did enter the box when the exit was not clear, but the box was not marked correctly. It has double yellow lines running along the kerb. The original plan on the approved authorisation for enforcement issued by the D.O.T. did not have the double yellow lines. The appeal was allowed." This is not a published case, but can be found referenced online.

I'm assuming the key issue here is when Merton Council submitted their authorisation for enforcement at this junction box whether the diagram they provided showed the double yellow lines. I'm thinking of appealing and asking them to prove the box is legal by providing a copy of the D.O.T authorisation.

Has anyone done this before? Anyone had any success challenging councils on yellow lines around junction boxes (other than the case above, which I cannot find a location for because it's not published)?

Apologies, this has been a bit of a pedantic post, but I'm so annoyed with the council I will seize any opportunity to take them on.

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