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По умолчанию Help! I was sent a copyright infringement notices from Shutterstock and Photos5

I have received an email about 1 year ago from and another email from with a "Cease and desist demand and offer to settle copyright infringement claim".

I have used some photos that i found on google and on some desktop free wallpapers websites on my business website, and these images is copyrighted (which i didn't know at that time, and i was under the impression that all images on google is free to take) , Shutterstock asked for 273$, and Photos5 offered me a settlement of 150$ to resolve the copyright infringement within 10 days before taking legal actions.

I have ignored both emails and i have removed the images immediately and i never wrote them back, they have sent me many emails during that time asking me resolve the case before involving lawyers, but i ignored the emails because i have already removed the images from my websites, and their last email was to inform me that since i didn't pay their settlement offer they are going to sue me, and their images is copyrighted and registered at the copyright office and etc, and i didn't hear from them after that.

2 weeks ago I have received an email from Shutterstock to tell me that they going to handle my case to a contracted copyright enforcement organization, which I have also ignored their email.BUT now I have received a registered post letter from an Intellectual Property attorney office in my area representing photos5, and I have no idea how they found my address or my real name (my domain was whois protected) informing me that they have already started legal actions to recover statutory damages, Apparently copyright infringement involving images that are registered with the U.S. Copyright Office allows for statutory damages of up to $30,000, or $150,000 if it can be demonstrated it was a willful act. !!! It's only an image !!!

I have contacted them and I have offered to buy the image and to pay the previous settlement fee of 150$ and to close the case and I am very sorry, but they answered me "we are contractually obliged not to speak with you", and I should discuss this matter only with their lawyers !!

What to do, should I hire an Intellectual Property lawyer because it's too expensive, or I should I negotiate with their lawyer directly, I need help please !! any advice is very appreciated.

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