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low $xx
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По умолчанию What are the risks of investing in IDNs?

As with ASCII one major risk is buying rubbish, although this can be avoided. Evaluate the name before you buy. We did this largely buy searching the terms on Google, although many of the languages we bought didn’t even get indexed until after we had invested. Google images can be very telling and Google Trends is also very useful. Also look for Adsense. Commercial terms have adsense in most languages.
The biggest risk in domaining is coming second. That applies to IDN just as it always did to ASCII.IDN.IDN is essential for Right to Left scripts. Their introduction will bring publicity and clarity and will start to spur the market. They will bring new opportunities in some ccTLDs. They will not, however, fundamentally change the market. The real opportunities now lie mainly in the secondary market. There is growing appreciation of this even amongst established ASCII players. 2008 will develop into a bun fight, but I will for the most part be sitting on the sidelines.
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