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По умолчанию Maximum distance from restriction sign to the actual bay?

Is there a maximum distance they have to display a sign restricting the use of a parking bay?

I parked in clearly marked parking bay; however, I did not notice a sign that is placed almost 200 metres from the parking bay. The sign stated that "permit holders only past this point".

The sign is close to the exit of the normal car park I use; it is a place where I normally concentration on traffic going past the exit. There is a large car park just after the sign, that I now know is for permit holders.
From this point on there is a narrow tarmac one-way curving exit road out of the council run "Health Village" approximately 25 metres from the end of this road there are 6 normal bays and 3 invalid bays, I parking in one of the normal car bays. My car was almost 200 metres from the permit holders only sign. There were no signs near my car that stated a restriction.

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