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Веб-дизайн Обсуждение веб-дизайна. Оценка. Графика, логотипы, шаблоны.

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low $xx
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По умолчанию What are you working on - Sneak Peek?

Just noticed that this forum doesnt have somewhere to through up a sneak peak of your latest work. I have seen it on many other forums and find it dead handy to show off your latest work, even if its only something small. it gives people the chance to get some criticism or praise on there latest work! We should use this especially cos this forum has the 'attach a file' option which is dead handy!

here is a quick iphone compettion page i did up. (only took me bout an hour)

Lets see what your doing!

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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