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Старый 18.02.2017, 09:25
low $xx
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По умолчанию New members, quantity over quality?

I'm all for new members joining here, it has been quiet for a long time, but of late, does anyone else get the feeling that quantity over quality isn't exactly helping, or does it not matter, providing there is posting activity?

With the greatest of respect to all new members, I can't remember the last one to join that wasn't either trying to indirectly sell seo or web services, registering every FTR uk domain based on estibot valuations only to try and sell them to an audience of seasoned domain investors, or those trying to flog domains as premium that no one would accept even with money attached.

Everyone has to start somewhere I'll admit, and maybe I was no different, but of late, the pattern has been the same, sign up, offer no introduction, try to sell some low-rent domains and argue with anyone that doesn't agree.

thank you,

About Me:
I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms
You can check Landing page explainer video one of my work.
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